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Apple Watch straps

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At Pocket Store you can buy stylish straps for your wristwatch. Apple Watch is an innovative development from the well-known Apple company, a revolutionary technique that is used every day, during sports, to track your heart rate, the number of steps taken, or the time. We offer quality accessories for your gadgets. You can buy branded Apple Watch straps at Pocket Store. They are comfortable, long-lasting, practical, highly elastic and affordable.

Current models of straps for your Apple Watch


 from silicone with soft-touch coating, various colors and designs; with special holes for ventilation, do not allow the hand to sweat in a hot period of time; made of nylon, breathable and ventilated, the size can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the brush; from artificial high-quality eco-leather or breathable material that is pleasant to the body; made of stainless steel, with a magnetic lock.


How to protect the watch from damage.

In the Pocket Store, you can buy protective glass or film for the watch screen, which will protect against scratches, scuffs, cracks and chips that can occur when hitting an accessory.