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Cases for iPhone

Cover Caseti Mammae for iPhone 11 Color
Cover Caseti Mammae for iPhone 11 Color
9.8 $7.4 $
Celene cover for iPhone 15 Pro Max White
Celene cover for iPhone 15 Pro Max White
13.5 $10.1 $
Celene cover for iPhone 14/13 White
Celene cover for iPhone 14/13 White
12.3 $9.2 $
Cover Caseti 3d Duck for iPhone 11 Blue
Cover Caseti 3d Duck for iPhone 11 Blue
12.3 $9.2 $
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Apple has become a leader in the production of the latest, modern and advanced technologies, year after year the company presents updated iPhones and gadgets. Apple has its own approach to innovative technologies, exclusive designs, which made the iPhone popular and in demand all over the world.

After looking at your new iPhone, you definitely want to keep it completely safe, without defects, damage, defects, dirt, so that the smartphone always looks perfect. It is the Pocket Store online store that will provide you with a wide range of accessories, high-quality branded overlays, original and premium copies of covers that have long entered the Ukrainian market and are in demand among our customers. Here you can buy a cover of any type, design, multifunctional exclusive at affordable prices, you don't need to go to the mall in search of your cover, in the catalog you will find what you have been looking for for a long time.

What can you buy from us in the Pocket Store for iPhone?

The most guaranteed protection for a smartphone is guaranteed by a cover of various types and form factors. The case covers the body, protecting the gadget from all sides, protecting it from unwanted mechanical damage and defects. The catalog presents a large number of models of various brands at a pleasant price.

Types of covers for iPhone:


 The cover - overlay is one of the top models, it does not clutter the screen, is easy to use, and at the same time protects the iPhone from damage as much as possible. Covers the back panel, sides, and not a large protruding edge, prevents the screen from being scratched when in contact with the surface;


 The most popular case for the iPhone is a silicone one, it has lightness, a simple design, high plasticity and elasticity, which ensures a tight fit to the case and a reliable fixation on the device.

 The case with Soft-touch coating occupies a special niche among Apple owners, the case conquered us with its soft coating that is pleasant to the touch, minimalist design, gentle, bright and classic colors. The transparent case is ideal for lovers of the original design from Apple, it does not hide appearance, while protecting against dirt, damage and breakage; Polyurethane TPU case for your iPhone will be a great protective accessory, it is harder than silicone, but quite plastic and elastic, sits perfectly on the case and does not loosen. You will find a variety of designs in the catalog on the website pocketstore.ua. The cover made of combined materials - made of a strong, shock-resistant back and side soft silicone bumper, allows you to conveniently remove and put on the accessory, while maximally protecting it from unwanted defects. In the Pocket Store, you can buy an iPhone case with liquid glitter, rhinestones, or neon sand that glows in the dark.
 Leather cover - most manufacturers are switching to high-quality synthetic eco-leather, as it is more ethical and environmentally friendly today. Eco-leather is more wear-resistant, durable, not afraid of temperature changes and does not crack over time, it does not differ much from natural, and your smartphone will look elegant and solid. The case - a book - is not inferior to the overlay, as it provides comprehensive protection, including the screen. When falling, the accessory absorbs the force of the impact, leaving the gadget in complete safety. Such accessories are also multifunctional, most models can be transformed into a convenient stand for watching movies, videos or video communication. There are also small compartments for storing cards, business cards and other small items.


You can also buy other accessories for the apple from us. For example, for a complete set of protection, don't forget about screen protection, buying protective glass or armored film will solve the problem of screen damage.

How to choose an iPhone case?

Let's consider what special protective accessories can be purchased at pocketstore.ua for your new Apple. Most manufacturers have seriously taken up the production of special accessories for athletes, because in the 21st century, sport is not only a healthy way of life, but it is also quite fashionable.


shockproof case for an iPhone; waterproof, aqua boxes; sports;


Anti-shock cover, suitable not only for athletes, rescuers and other active activities, but also for travel, tourists and extremes. Such an accessory has high strength, femininity and high shock absorption characteristics. The case is made of high-quality, premium-class materials, their construction is made of several layers of material, which ensures the safety of the device in unforeseen situations. The outer side is made of carbon, plastic or metal, which provides extra strength, and the inner bumper and layer are made of elastic silicone or polyurethane, which helps to soften the impact or fall from a height.

Waterproof covers for iPhone - most often for drivers, bloggers, underwater shooting and photo enthusiasts, such an accessory will allow you to use your smartphone underwater without any threat. Modern iPhones can be immersed in water, but unfortunately not in salt water, our pocket pages will take care of your gadget even during underwater vacations, and you will be able to photograph an incredibly beautiful coral reef.

As for sports accessories for the iPhone, such an accessory will certainly become a convenient assistant in sports and everyday life. By buying a biceps cover or a belt bag, your runs will become free and easy, you will be able to monitor the condition of your body and adjust the intensity of your training without any obstacles.


But that's not all, you can also buy it in our Pocket Store:


 protective glass and armored film for all iPhone models, which will protect the display from scratches and bumps; wireless, network or car charging for the iPhone power bank, you can fill a discharged battery anywhere, or do it as conveniently as possible; cable and adapters; a car holder for an iPhone will be a great helper, you can easily make a call or quickly answer a call without distracting yourself from the road, looking for a smartphone, conveniently use GPS navigation on your gadget and track your route from the corner of your eye; there are ring lamps on sale, you can take cool selfies for your social media. network, or conduct a conference and perfect lighting. Monopods (selfie sticks) will allow you to take a photo as far as possible while seeing it on the screen of your device. and if you are just an incredible fan of Apple and you have Apple AirPods and Apple Watch, then for them we also have a large assortment of protective stylish covers for the charging box and high-quality fashionable straps at a good price only at pocketstore.ua.