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Protective films for Samsung

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After buying a Samsung mobile phone, you should not forget that its weakest point is the screen. At the same time, it does not matter the price of your gadget, as well as the model - you bought a Galaxy Tab, S4 or S7 edge. At any moment, due to careless handling, you can get a broken screen, a chipped edge or a scratched surface.


The biggest danger for the screen is dust and sand. These small particles have sharp edges and are often very hard, so it is quite careless to pass the phone on the surface of the table, as the appearance of your gadget will be spoiled. It is also dangerous to take your Samsung to the beach, it is not for nothing that smartphone manufacturers recommend not to do this.

Protect your smartphone

The easiest solution to the problem is to stick a protective film on the surface of the display. The thickness of the sticker is minimal, so it is practically invisible, does not affect the brightness of the screen and the speed of its response to touch.


The hardness of the film itself is not high and it can also be scratched, but the price of such a sticker is much lower than the cost of the screen unit. You can even replace it yourself, without resorting to the services of the service department. This is especially true if you live in a small town.


There are two main categories of film data:





The most popular glossy products. They minimally affect the passage of light rays, but can cause glare in bright external lighting. Matte films do not reflect, but they affect the image on the display - they increase the graininess and change the color rendering.

Gluing the film

The easiest way is to buy a specialized sticker designed for a specific Samsung model. Such a product is already cut according to the profile of the phone and has the necessary technological holes. If there is no film for your model, you can order a universal sticker. It is a rectangular blank of the required diagonal, from which you can independently cut the required profile.


Our website presents two main types of stickers:





As the name implies, a thin layer of glue is applied to adhesive films. They are securely attached to the base, however, they require special care during work, because in case of unsuccessful application, regluing can lead to the formation of air bubbles.


Static stickers have only an even layer of silicone on the bottom surface and are attached to the display solely by the force of static electricity. Since they can be removed and applied countless times without damage, they have almost completely supplanted adhesive products from the market. You can order the necessary products in our online store with delivery in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.