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The Samsung company produces a wide range of quality equipment, which occupies a significant part of the market. The original company produced household appliances: refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, calculators and much more.

     The company's first attempts to enter the mobile market were back in 1983, when they released serial mobile phones called Dynatac 8000x to the American market. In the future, Samsung concentrated on this segment of the market, and thanks to generous financing, they were able to become the market leaders in the shortest possible time. Since 2009, they began to release their first smartphones on the Android platform. What, according to experts, led to the dominance of the Finnish competitor in this market. The majority of the population, one can even say the entire humanity of the Earth, could not even imagine that the technologies described by science fiction writers in their books would soon materialize and be available to every person, and Samsung played far from the last role in this.

The following smartphone lines can be distinguished from the Korean manufacturer Samsung:


Galaxy S - is considered the flagship, this line received top stuffing, and has a stylish premium design from the highest quality materials, glass and metal. The screen diagonal of the flagships is from 5 to 6.2, so all gadgets are not small in size, but despite this, you will be able to control Samsung with one hand. Galaxy S is equipped with the most top cameras. Video shooting with Full HD and 4K resolution, which is quite important in our time. Galaxy A is a line in the middle price category, with excellent technical characteristics and functionality. The body is made of tempered glass and aluminum alloy. The diagonal of the display is from 4.5 to 5.5 inches with a fairly high resolution. The design of the A line can be recognized by the sharp corners that lie comfortably in the hand. Galaxy J - budget smartphones with high-quality filling and simple functionality in a beautiful body, aimed at people who do not chase gigahertz and megapixels, but prefer practicality. The body of this line is most often made of plastic, smooth and pleasant to the touch.


    Every customer who bought a nice Samsung wants to extend the "life" of his gadget, and protect it from scratches, chips, dust, as well as stand out from the gray mass. For your attention, our online store Pocket Store offers a wide variety of covers for your smartphones.

     We will help you choose a protective device for your smartphone:

     For customers who appreciate the brand, the assortment includes original covers from Samsung. Made of genuine and artificial leather, shimmering and luminous, studded with Swarovski stones, grooved, also popular comfortable, everyday silicone pads from the Samsung brand. Book covers from conservative colors to fashionable youth, business and elegant designer ones.

     And it doesn't matter which case you choose, they will all perfectly cope with their function - protecting your smartphone from chips and dirt, which in one way or another may appear during active use of the gadget.

     What can be purchased for Samsung on our website pocketstore.ua:


The cover is book-like, fashionable, youthful, it is suitable for both businessmen and girls who like to throw their smart phone in a purse along with keys and other things. The cover is a cover that is currently at the peak of fashion. Their assortment is simply amazing, the numerous variety will give every customer the opportunity to choose their own, whether it is conservative black, red, or white simple silicone, or outrageous, bright, shiny. In addition, covers are also offered with additional functions:


with a stand; with a window; with a pocket; with closed or open side buttons; with a popsocket; magnetic; straps or keychains; shockproof covers - for people who are most often in extreme conditions or in active movement; thin and ultra-thin covers , for lovers of classics and minimalism; protective glass and armored films will protect the Samsung Galaxy display from scratches and screen chips.

All products are made of high-quality materials and will last for a long time, you will sooner get tired of the design, color or model of the cover than its wear.