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Protective films for Xiaomi

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After buying a Xiaomi phone, you need to take care of its preservation. You may be a very neat person, but the risk of hitting or scratching your smartphone is still very high. Most often, the protection will be a cover. But at the same time, it is necessary to use the gadget comfortably, since the screen will be open.


At the same time, random movement is enough, and any grain of sand will make a scratch on the display. To avoid this, it is necessary to buy and stick a protective film. This product is thin, practically imperceptible to the touch, so it will not interfere with using a mobile phone. However, during scratches, it is the film that will be damaged, not the expensive screen. Compared to the price of the screen unit, the protective film is the most affordable. But even if such protection is scratched, you can order a new one. You can glue it yourself, even without the help of a service worker.

Where can I buy a protective sticker?

In our network of mobile accessories stores, you can order stickers for any Xiaomi smartphone, including Redmi Note, Pro and 3S models. You can pick up the goods by self-delivery in Kyiv and Kharkiv, as well as order delivery by courier or postal service.


Our website presents several main types of stickers:








Matte films partially diffuse light, thanks to which they never cause glare. But the advantage is inseparable from the disadvantages - color distortion and reduced image clarity. Glossy ones, on the other hand, let the light stream through almost unchanged. The image from the display is transmitted unchanged, but in the bright sun such a film sparkles.


Armored ones have increased hardness, it is much more difficult to scratch them than standard models. Mirrors partially reflect the light falling on them. As a result, the turned-off screen looks like a mirror, which is quite unusual and stylish. The included screen works the same as protected by a regular matte film.


Private hides information on your smartphone screen from others. This is achieved by narrowing the viewing angle of the screen. It is enough to deviate a little, as displayed on the screen becomes invisible.


In addition, protective stickers are divided into static and adhesive. Static do not contain glue. Its role is performed by a thin layer of silicone, which is easily electrified and sticks to flat surfaces. Thanks to this, the sticker can be safely removed, cleaned and reinstalled. In this regard, adhesive films are much worse - you can re-glue them, but several times and with the risk of bubbles.