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Protective glass for Samsung

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The screen is the most vulnerable part of any gadget. Many cases of repair or complete breakdown are related to screen damage. Therefore, those who are worried about preserving their Samsung smartphone and want to keep full functionality for a long time, it is advisable to purchase a protective glass specially designed for certain models of mobile phones.

Why is it better to use protective glass?

The most popular device screen protector has always been a protective film. But later, the number of gadgets with a touchscreen increases, so protection for them is also replenished with new products.


The film is a useful accessory, but not as reliable as we would like. But the Samsung protective glass has all the necessary characteristics for maximum protection of the touch screen:


the thickness of 0.3 mm allows to protect the screen as efficiently as possible in the event of shocks or falls; protection against scratches (the glass is resistant to scratches and cuts that may appear in contact with sharp objects); oleophobicity (does not allow the appearance of grease and mud stains) .


Mistakes about protective glass

There are several reasons why gadget owners still do not dare to buy protective glass.


The first and most common misconception is that a protector of this type significantly reduces the screen's ability to touch. But this is just a mistake. The protective glass is designed specifically for each phone model (Samsung Galaxy, S7, S4, S6 and many others), so all the features of the touchscreen are taken into account. Thanks to this, the touch capability of the screen does not decrease.


The second reason is the price. In this case, it is worth figuring out what will be cheaper: buying a few cheap films that will not provide the necessary protection (this can include screen repair), or buying high-quality and long-lasting shockproof glass. Those who still doubt the profitability of the purchase can calculate the average cost of replacing a screen for a gadget.


In today's market of phone accessories, there are many unscrupulous manufacturers who offer poor quality protective glass. Our Pocket Store online store cooperates exclusively with official and verified brands, so we guarantee the quality of the presented products.


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